Came across this movie a couple of days ago on a torrent named “rare desi movies collection”. As usual I looked up the movie on IMDB and decided to give it a go. I really love the movies where there are very few characters and depth in the story. 

So the whole movie is about a phone conversation between a boy and a girl. Total strangers they were, they talked all night. It was amazing how strangers gives you comfort of freedom and free you from the fear of being judged. I really wanna call it a natural psychotherapy. I have just finished this movie and couldn’t keep myself from adding it to my blog. How they conversed, from kinky, flirty talk suddenly changes to relationships, wanting things from life, how different people are, about love and letting go. Not about finding yourself. I really hate this statement when someone says anything about finding themselves. It’s total bull crap. This movie is about creating yourself. At least this is the message I get. There may be a lot of loose ends in the movie, dialogues is all this movie is about actually. And I, being so much in love with the fundamental idea of words and their depth of expression, fell in love with the intensity of conversation that took place in this 120 min movie. Specially the last 20 minutes or so when things got serious and noting you could anticipate. It is one of those movies that when they end, they leave you thinking for so many days. 

A simple recommendation to all of you guys who think expression of words is superior to everything. 

P.s I deleted all the memory of her from my phone. When you watch this movie you’ll know what I meant. Cheers. 

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