Ted was a magician. One of those guys who, when you go dine in certain restaurants, will come at your table and play some card or coin tricks. He was that kind of magician. One day, as he was doing his routine, doing his card tricks from table to table, he came across an old couple on a table.

“Hi Good evening, my name is Ted, would like to see some magic”.

“Why sure young man, I would love to see the magic but unfortunately I’m blind”. Replied old man.

Ted was surprised and embarrassed at the same time because he wasn’t paying attention to the couple, he never did. He always thought about what he is going to say next. He found out that it was very conspicuous that guy was blind. He wasn’t looking up, just staring at the table.

“I’m terribly sorry”, Ted said with an apologetic tone. “I don’t have anything to show you then, but I promise you next time when you come here, I’ll have something prepared for you”.

The old couple showed up after two weeks. Ted recognized them and approached to their table.

“Hi, good evening. I’m Ted”.

Hi Teddy, we are back again, show us what you got.” said the blind man with an enthusiastic tone.

Ted was in disbelief as he had not prepared anything to display to the blind old man. He wasn’t sure if they will show up again to begin with.

“I’ll be right here with you, I’ve got something to show you”, Ted replied and hurriedly walked to the prop room.

He started talking stock of the things around, thinking about the tricks that he had learned so far, but nothing came to his mind that he can please the blind old man with.

After some moments of thinking and skimming through, he opened a small cabinet, took a new deck of cards, stuffed it in his jacket pocket and went back to the old couple and sat down opposite the old man.

Ed was the name of the old man, as he came to know.

“Ed, do you believe your wife”? Inquired Ted.

“Sometimes”. Old man said with a grin on his face.

“Would you believe your wife now”? Ted specified the question.

“Sure”. Replied the blind man.

“So I’m going to give the deck of cards to your wife to shuffle and to make sure all cards are perfect and none is tempered or marked”. Ted explained and slid the deck to her wife.

Wife confirmed cards weren’t tempered or marked and she shuffled and returned to Ted.

“Ed, I’m going to place a card in front of you and you have to tell me if that’s a red card or the black, do you understand me”? Ted asked. 

Ed smiled and nodded.

Ted placed the first card and asked Ted.

“Red”, said Ed.

“Correct”, exclaimed Ted.

“How about this”, asked Ted after placing another card in front of Ed.

“Black”. Replied Ed with a smile this time.

“Correct as well”. Said Ted.

And then Ted kept placing cards one after another and Ed kept saying “red, black, black, red, red, red, black, red, red, black, red, black with excitement so much as to get the attention of all the customers at restaurant. Suddenly, the whole restaurant was quiet and looking at their table, and only audible sound was red, black, red and laughers of Ed.

Ted completed the whole deck and not a single card Ed got wrong. Ted looked at his wife. She was weeping the tears of joy.

Later on, Ed told Ted that he can’t wait for the holidays to meet his grand children so that he can freak them out with this trick.

That was the last day Ted worked as so-called magician job to entertain the people and he decided to use his trick to connect with people. Today, Ted (Brian Miller) is renowned magician in the world who does his shows to connect with people’s emotions. His web page is (http://brianmillermagic.com).


Trick of the Trade: What ted did while sitting opposite the old man on the table is that he tapped Ed’s feet once when he asked “if you feel this is a red card” and tapped twice and asked “if you feel like it’s black”. That’s how Ted connected to Ed.





Awais Rehman

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