She was an ordinary girl with extraordinary features. She had a posture like a roman goddess, deep brown eyes, round face and fluffy cheeks. With an Indian family background, her fair complexion was dear to most. Along with everything else, she wore pride as her cloak. And to be frank, responses that she used to receive from boys around her, she deserved that much arrogance. From her school days she knew most of the boys in her class wanted her. Not necessarily in a sexual way but they would do a great deal for the sake of sharing homework with her, a walk to the bus station, grabbing a lunch and simple stuff like that. She was very friendly, of course, and as a result she used to have a large circle of friends and going out with them was a hobby most dear to her. 

When she was in college, most of her school friends didn’t make it or some of them chose different paths in life, she was surrounded by different people but with same desires. But often in college canteens or in library when she went about her routines, she began to realize that boys have begun staring at her gold neckless that her mother gave her on her 16th birthday. It was only later that she realized that they were looking at her breasts. 

“I like to wear my shirts like this so boys can see my cleavage”. One day her friend had told her while returning home from a late afternoon class. 

With a fair skin, natural curls on the ends of her hair and breasts now growing like mushrooms, she was prone to draw attention. Often in her private moments In front of the mirror she would look at her figure and smile to herself. She now knew what she was capable of. Many boys demanded her attention but she was nervous to respond to them. They would write their intentions, fold it in a piece of paper and drop it in her lap while walking across her so that no one will notice. She enjoyed reading them. 

“I’ll wait for you in the carpark after the class, please come at once as I have to tell you something important”.

“You’re very beautiful, please call me on my number”.

One of them even went up to extent that she could no longer tolerate it and complained to the principle and embarrassed the guy before the whole class. 

“I want to touch your whole body and smell your skin and bring you to the ecstasy”. It had read. 

After that she kept receiving invites, messages, emails and instant messages on her msn messenger but she was so in love with the idea of people wanting her that she didn’t wish to want anyone in return. For she was afraid that once she gave in, she would lose the luxury of being desired. 

Her friend, who told her about how she liked boys staring her cleavage became her best friend. Not for that reason of course, but they could get along very well. Moreover they got the admission in the same bachelors program at a local college campus. The friend was very outgoing with boys and both liked to drink. Only difference was that the friend, after getting drunk, would go along with boy in a nearby hotel and enjoy a session of intimacy. She like drinking and getting to know different boys, talk to them, dance with them and even letting them touch her shoulders and arms and hands while on the dance floor and her dancing companion staring at her matured breasts trying their best to take a peace of it. They would make many offers, but she chose her principles over her desires. Whenever she believed that things are getting off hands, she would suck a bitter lime, get in her car and drive back home, alone. 

When she would arrive at a local bar where she was known to have visited frequently, things would get very delightful. One of the Dj in a bar wanted to score with her, so when she would arrive he would send her messages by playing songs of love and desire. But people come to bar to drink and to dance, no one cares if a song is a message from a Dj. Dj failed terribly. 

One night, she dressed in her black blouse with shoulder stripes and her curly hair dancing on her shoulders as she walked into a local bar with her regular friend who was wearing a utterly revealing blue dress. As they sat down and begun drinking, 3 boys joined them. They were acquaintances from same college. They began talking about their clothes and music and types of liquors they know, how fast can they drink and stuff. She kept her posture, drank with an easy pace and enjoyed the conversation and the music. 

The friend excused to go to women’s and one of 3 guys accompanied her. She was silent and remaining two guys were talking something to each other which was inaudible in the sound of the music. The friend arrived back and the boy followed after a while. As drinking carried on the friend spoke in her ear that these boys know a different place where we can go and drink, moreover it’s on them. She didn’t like the idea entirely but somehow followed the suit as she found it to be rude to leave her friend alone in a bar with 3 guys. Especially when they are hungrily looking at their breasts. They left the bar took a short walk and reached to an establishment that looked like a hotel. She was very surprised and asked the friend and the friend replied to her that we are going to drink in a hotel room so that we can have some quiet time. 

“When you leave a bar to a hotel room, you don’t drink, you get fucked”. She thought to herself angrily but since she was caught in the moment, she didn’t protest. 

Hotel was a acceptable building, and what could you expect from a hotel that runs on the drunk couples renting rooms in the middle of the night. 

Room was small with one double and one single bed on both sides and a small attached bathroom. They had two bottles of whiskey and some ice in the small fridge. As they started drinking and begin to talk about their lives and how they wish they had lived and achieved things, the friend started behaving mischievously. She was sitting close to the guy who accompanied her to the women’s in the bar. The friend started to pull that guys shoulder and begun telling him that he is tired and he should take a shower. Guy protested calmly but couldn’t resist no longer. The friend took her to the bathroom door pushed that guy gently inside and closed the door, then she looked at other tenants in the room and they stared at her. The friend was undoubtedly high, after giving a smile she opened the bathroom door again and went inside and locked the door from inside. 

She was astonished by her friend’s feat. In the hotel room that smelled of sex, condoms and cheap perfumes, she was with 2 boys who were staring at her while clinging the ice in their glasses. Unsure of how to respond to this situation, she tried to stay calm and took a deep gulp from her drink. The awkward silence was broken by shuddering sound of the toilet seat in the bathroom, following by giggling and moaning. They were doing it in the bathroom. 

One of the guys in the room understood the nervousness on her face and said “don’t worry everything is okay, if they are doing it, they are doing it. We can’t do anything, can we”? 

He was right but her presence in this room was wrong. She was scared of them making any move towards her. She had desires but she can’t be humped by two almost stranger guys in an all-night-fuck hotel. The moaning continued from the bathroom and now both of the guys were at the bathroom door and looking through the keyhole and smiling. One of the guys invited her to come and look through the key hole and see how amazing was the view. She lost it there, she finished her drink and grabbed her bag and told both boys that she is going to get something to eat as she is terribly hungry and left the room with a stern face. She walked the corridor, avoided the lift as she was scared that while waiting for the lift, one of the boys might come for her. She opened the door to fire exit, took her heels in her hands and bare feet, she ran down the 4 floors as fast as she had never done before in her life. She ran from the hotel towards the parking and threw herself in the driving seat and drove off. After driving a few blocks, she parked her car on a street side, turned on radio at max volume and wept. She yelled, cried and punched her hands against the steering for few moments to let her frustration and her agony go away. After a while, she felt little better, she switched off the radio slowly rode back home. 

She lost a friend that night, saved her from being possibility molested, and she learned a lesson. 

Years have passed and she always left the bar to go home. Back on her old principles. Suck the bitter lemon, get in the car, drive back home, alone. 

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