Random Click…!

As funny as it may seem, but working on Saturday morning brings you a lot of free time to do more of your personal stuff. I believe people are either traveling or sleeping. (I work in an airline company). I came across this “stats” section and wasn’t really disappointed by noticing that only half a dozen people visited my blog from last week or so. Random clicks took me to the place where I could see views by country and I realized that in past one year I have only 1 view(s) from Pakistan ( the country I belong), and many from Malaysia ( the country where I live and work in) and then from United and the rest of the world. I think either I don’t have enough to make people read what I write, or I am long forgotten by my friends back home. Now that it matters, but just this thought came across my mind.

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  1. It is not like that….I guess it depends on the population of bloggers here on the word press….. Pakistan’s population is quite less than rest o the countries you mentioned so That is why there were not many Pakistani views…. I guess you have to visit them first if you want your blog to be read here in Pakistan !! 🙂

    • Its not that im complaining or something and i believe in malaysia the number of writers and readers is far less as in pakistan, keep aside the population. I always wanted to be known among Pakistani bloggers but some strange reason has always kept me from them. I hope i am getting close.

      • Don’t worry I am a Pakistani blogger and there are many Pakistani bloggers here on my blog…. They ll get to know you 🙂 Wish you all the best ! xx

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