A Chinese Delusion…

It was just another attempt to carry out some juice outta night. Having a new roommate moved in with me, he brought the life back into my lonely room full of books and scattered things. He is so energetic, outgoing and childish sometimes that it is always good and feels enthusiastic having him around.
It was a Saturday night and he persuaded me to goto a punjabi dance club after dinner to have fun. I have been to clubs couple of times before but they were too good to make me want to go there again. Everytime I was persuaded by someone and cameback home with a rather gloomy mood. We dressed up, had a ordinary dinner and took a walk to that punjabi club. He (my new roommate) have been there before and he was telling me how thing go there. Despite of that, I was not totally willing to go there but I did not have anything to loose so I kept the steps intact. After a little chit chat we kept quite and kept walking. It was mid night already and we had to walk a ten minutes long and quite road with partially lit with typical highway orange lights before we could reach to the sin city. The silence was eventually inturrupted by the bypassing cars and in the end by my idea. I just took a chance and asked him, let’s just not go there, let’s go home and watch a movie on laptop. He was surprized at first and then he protested that we got dressed up for this. I told him never mind its good to get dressed sometimes for nothing but ourselves. Generally he is so stubborn but he agreed so quickly and the next moment we started walking backwards.
There is a shopping mall opposite to my residential building and apparently we had walked to the otherside of that mall. He said, since we have dressed up let’s just not take the road and go through the mall. I agreed. When we got close to the mall we heard some live music being performed at a restaurant nearby. At first I said to him that we might have gone and sat there for a cup of coffee and enjoy the live music for sometime, but since music is chinese so it would be impossible for us to enjoy. He smiled in agreement. Closer we got to the restaurant we realized it was hindi music. Live. In a county where three languages are official and none of them you can speak or understand, when you get to enjoy the bollywood oldies of kishore kumar and muhammad rafi, it is like you found a block of wood in the middle of sea. You can survive, you can smile, and enjoy. Without giving it a second thought, we both followed out impulses and grabbed chairs in the corner of the restaurant. It was mind blowing. You get to request the songs for free and on top of that we were served by some pretty waitressess who were offering more than the coffee. We sat there as long as the cafe was open and enjoyed the music at our best.
We decided to go there most often now as we came to know that they have hollywood nights too besides bollywood. I was surprized that such a good place was around the corner of my house and I could not discover it in nearly two years. Its normal I guess, we never notice certain things in our lives which are very closer to us and which can well mend our souls and bring delight.
I guess this might be a good beginning of something. In spite of books and movies I have now other things to go and people to hang out with. Other evening we swam and washed the gloomy deamons outta our bodies. Atleast we tried. 

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