These Ties That Bind…

So finally the long and struggling road has come to an end and I took a deep breath and looked in the sky to fill my eyes with God’s grace and feel triumphant. But Oh my God!, there is still a new long road to travel, guess what? this is life.

Troubles that KL had given me in the past couple of years, were easy to forget this time while having a 2 month long vacation back home in Pakistan. Soon as I arrived back here, new challenges were ready and I decided to fight a dual with them. Dead on. New people and places have always fascinated me and I’m glad to witness yet another event in my life such as this. The Employee Induction for the first week of my new job. It was fascinating and exciting and funny. Hell lot of new things I did in my life for the first time in this week. I tried my best to act as a sick bastard who pretends to have done and known everything, but someone might have noticed, i’m not sure.

I always knew the people from all over world would be the same in a lot of terms and here I’ve seen it. Our batch has people from Nigeria, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Chad, Botswana, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Philippians and Pakistan. Now this is funny. Why are people always so happy when they collide with someone from the same place? I met a few and felt as if we are the only ones who can talk, know and understand each other. It’s okay that we share a same language but?? I still am looking the reason for this excitement. No wonder I’ve been back stabbed by a few while having the same feeling but still… What happened in Karachi back then when we passed a man in the street? Did we invite them to join us? Did we just talked them? Pretended to be good to them? Never. so why?

Besides that, I’ve met a few good people during the induction process. Up until Friday, i was thinking this is going to be the first weekend of my working life in this country and I so badly want it to happen as soon as possible. But soon as it came, I started missing office and people. I believe this is the plus point. Sooner I get myself institutionalized with the place the faster I would grow. This is going to be a great period of my life. I would try not to make the mistakes that I’ve made in the mast to blow things up. But I’m sure somewhere in tomorrow, I’m going to make some new mistakes,  and God bless me please!

Comments on: "These Ties That Bind…" (2)

  1. Wajeeha Sanam said:

    Yeah .. you never know. Someone really might have noticed, or maybe more would have.

    Anyways there is no harm in that.

    Look at the bright side and start fresh. Remember your past experiences, yet dont let them become a barrier from experiencing this new phase of life.

    Challenges are always around the corner. You have just got to be strong enough to survive every thunder. And I suppose you have already crossed the tough path, life is going to get just easier now .. not just for you but also for many around you.

    We may not happen to say it, but we all share a similar story one way or the other.

    About the part trusting someone in Karachi on the street. Well this is KL we are talking about and we dont find our language speaker at every end. So acknowledge the fact that you have been blessed to have a similar environment around just when you need it. Yet you have to act smart and decide where to maintain a distance and where to cut the barrier off.

    With that note. All the best!

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