It’s been nealy 16 months in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and I’ve been asking myself the question about people’s behaviour ever since. I’ve given it plenty of thoughts and everytime I begin thinking about it, I end up with different conclusion. I don’t know if I’m doing a justice with the topic by creating a post in my blog but this post is based on a little research and little knowledge.

The primary idea that made me think about people’s behaviour was their lack of friendliness. They wouldn’t smile, they wouldn’t talk. It is my personal opinion that the politeness is missing in the people in this part of the world. Secondly, I didn’t find them romantic at all.

In the beginning, I thought may be this country doesn’t have the strong history of literature, poets and writers like there are in my country (Pakistan), so this could might be the reason why they are missing that touch. But later on I observed that may be the climate is the reason, or another. In Malaysia, there is one season through out the year, which is average 28 degrees celcius. Which means, there are no winters. Tender quilts, hot coffees and soups, jackets, sweaters, muflers, caps and stuff like that is so idealistic in someones life. And just Imagine a nation not having it at all. Okay, they do drink coffee but coffee like a coffee – not like a winter coffee – shivering and smoking outta mouth. I don’t know what occured to me but this came into my mind that winter might well be the kind of season that influences people’s moods. And for some reason, I believe it is romantic, and Malaysia is not romantic.


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