Bad Timing…

I knew this would happen and one of these days you will turn your back on me. Honestly, I shouldn’t be sad but I’m not a super-human character from a movie but I surely can pretend but not for long. 

Darling, you’ve hit me at the worst possible time. Your timings were always imperfect and you did the same. You knew, I was fighting for us, fighting for the future, for us to be together. you knew what i was going through, and this past would never leave me alone. This Nostalgia is going to tear me apart; but you promised me to collect my pieces and and regenerate me, and you had pretty much done that. Honey, I’m not complaining but your timing wasn’t good, you left me on the shore, with wild waves. You knew i couldn’t swim, and are a surfer. Just a few steps ahead and things could’ve been different. But your timing was really bad.

Love, I can’t the person who I used to be, or who I am right now; but i can try and change the person I wanna be. But if changing myself is the only deal between us then i’ts more a trade and darling there is no trade in love. We dreamed of watching starts together, and you left me in the dark. I didn’t gave you dark, but that is only when you get to see the stars. But your timing wasn’t good. Just a few steps ahead…..!!!

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