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Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind


It’s been nealy 16 months in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and I’ve been asking myself the question about people’s behaviour ever since. I’ve given it plenty of thoughts and everytime I begin thinking about it, I end up with different conclusion. I don’t know if I’m doing a justice with the topic by creating a post in my blog but this post is based on a little research and little knowledge.

The primary idea that made me think about people’s behaviour was their lack of friendliness. They wouldn’t smile, they wouldn’t talk. It is my personal opinion that the politeness is missing in the people in this part of the world. Secondly, I didn’t find them romantic at all.

In the beginning, I thought may be this country doesn’t have the strong history of literature, poets and writers like there are in my country (Pakistan), so this could might be the reason why they are missing that touch. But later on I observed that may be the climate is the reason, or another. In Malaysia, there is one season through out the year, which is average 28 degrees celcius. Which means, there are no winters. Tender quilts, hot coffees and soups, jackets, sweaters, muflers, caps and stuff like that is so idealistic in someones life. And just Imagine a nation not having it at all. Okay, they do drink coffee but coffee like a coffee – not like a winter coffee – shivering and smoking outta mouth. I don’t know what occured to me but this came into my mind that winter might well be the kind of season that influences people’s moods. And for some reason, I believe it is romantic, and Malaysia is not romantic.



Bad Timing…

I knew this would happen and one of these days you will turn your back on me. Honestly, I shouldn’t be sad but I’m not a super-human character from a movie but I surely can pretend but not for long. 

Darling, you’ve hit me at the worst possible time. Your timings were always imperfect and you did the same. You knew, I was fighting for us, fighting for the future, for us to be together. you knew what i was going through, and this past would never leave me alone. This Nostalgia is going to tear me apart; but you promised me to collect my pieces and and regenerate me, and you had pretty much done that. Honey, I’m not complaining but your timing wasn’t good, you left me on the shore, with wild waves. You knew i couldn’t swim, and are a surfer. Just a few steps ahead and things could’ve been different. But your timing was really bad.

Love, I can’t the person who I used to be, or who I am right now; but i can try and change the person I wanna be. But if changing myself is the only deal between us then i’ts more a trade and darling there is no trade in love. We dreamed of watching starts together, and you left me in the dark. I didn’t gave you dark, but that is only when you get to see the stars. But your timing wasn’t good. Just a few steps ahead…..!!!

Mad Men Season 1 Review

I really hate myself when I think of  the moment when I decided not to watch “Mad Men” after first two episodes. I told myself that just one more episode and I’m over this series. But, Oh My God! it kept me tied on my bed and I couldn’t let my eyes off for a second.

My interest towards the Drama as the genre and my recent passion of watching 60’s and 70’s shows brought me to Mad Men. I have completed 1st season and I feel proud to be one of the viewers of this show. I was too late to find a show like this but I guess it’s better late than never. I have watched hell lot of movies and shows from 60’s to 20’s but it never occurred to me that I should write a review but this classic epic about ad people of Madison Square made me write it and I’m loving the feeling.

About the series I really love the décor and the make-ups. Dresses, hairstyles offices and stuff all seems to be original, vintage and perfect to watch. Moreover, the adaptation of these dresses and hairstyles is growing in the young generation and they are being sold in the market with the label of “Simply Mad Men Fashion”. Liberty of smoking anywhere they want and opening the bottles early in the morning brought me this info that such behaviours were official during that time. It is so beautiful that I want to go back in that time. The score is serene and the songs that they play once in a while are listening over again.

About the Characters, I really didn’t like Draper in the beginning but as the show moved on and nostalgia affects him, I really started to focus in his character. He is one of such characters that has more than one elements to cope. Troubled husband, he is a bad father, a good womaniser,  a failed brother, a brilliant ad man, a not-so-polite boss to a secretary.  He is both a good man and a bad man. This character is very strong and he plays every aspect well.

Peggy Olson, is the other character I feel like writing about. She seems more like “Ugly Betty” material. But I believe she is going to grow sexier as the series goes on. She is secretary cum junior content writer in the Cooper’s ad agency. There is a magic in her character that attracts men without even looking sexy.

Joan Harris is sexiest and my favorite woman in the show. I like the way she delivers dialogues and uses her gestures and body to attract men. Pete is an ambitious guy with a rich background and father-in-law. His jealousy against Don will bring lot of drama in the show as he also knows a little about his past.

The dialogues are supreme and the there are less, very less unnecessary scenes like in most of the shows playing lately on the CW Television and others. My favorite dialogue was delivered by don when he told a mistress ” What you call ‘love’ was invented by guys like me . . . to sell nylons” and his speech in the last episode to promote the projector about the nostalgia was exceptional. And of course would forget his little speech about advertising being happiness. I can’t wait to watch second season and write about it soon.