Remember Me…!!!

Speaking about Changes in life, they always leave me amazingly surprised. That no mater how hard you may try to make every bond preserve, to make the both ends meet all the times, but at the end of the day, all goes to vain. But it’s worth doing it.

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It’s been nearly a year here in Kuala Lampur, and if I look back and see what I have earned so far, I can see the pictures of my friends. That’s all I have earned here. I have learned hell lot of life lessons during my time here in KL and managing relationships is one of them. It’s  3 53 in the morning here in KL and this room was never so quite since the day I arrived in this part of the world.

Kashif Rehman, Aamir are two of them I doubt if destiny would take me to them ever again. Kashi was arrogant, witty, ingenious and entertaining. Amir on the other hand was Ridiculous, energetic, resourceful and smart ass.

I don’t have such a great history of having friends in my past. I’m so hostile at relationships I just can’t manage with them i believe, or may be it is other way around but they are always short. The longest friendship I ever had is 5 years with Khan and it’s still going on. But  I don’t really blame them or the destiny, rather I think may be I’m the one who might have made mistakes all the times, but I would never intent to hurt them and I never have done this. But anyway, it just sucks a bit but i believe i can handle that.

So talking about Kashif and Amir, everyday spent with them was more delightful then the previous one. The beauty of our relationship was that we used to fight a lot, a lot. I just loved the way my actions used to annoy Kashif and I would do them over and over again just to watch him shout at me and get angry. That was always a scene to watch. Specially the moment when I used to call him “PHATOO” and then I would love to just look at his face, whether talking or silent, Her always was a vision to watch and amir always used to ignite him for more. This is what i loved the most about our relationship. I kept telling them  that the day I die, or leave, you guys are going to remember my actions and me. I guess they must have realized this by now that Awais Rehman is a man to miss :).

There were lot of miss understandings between us and there were always two main reasons all the times…!!! Women, and Money. Which are universal problems so no surprise. Other fights were over bringing the food, washing the dishes making the tea and other household stuff. During the month of Ramzan, I just love to annoy Kashif over making food. Everyday he would ask me what you’re gonna cook tonight, and I would always tell him tthat tonight we are not going to make anything… and then it was his voice and my little room 🙂 …!!

We went to Johar Baru together, we went to Penang together. There are the two places that we visited outside the KL. Those trips we beautifully mind-blowing.  I would still blame them that they did not convince me to take the Banana ride in Penang beach. :D…  And I missed the story of Kanna G!!! Since then I’m in great hunt for Sugarcane.

Somewhere deep inside, I felt that Kashif didn’t trusted me for some reasons. He used to assume the things on his own, and never really came back and talk through. As i said earlier that I tried my best to preserve the bond all the times. May be in the future if i get a chance to meet him, I would talk to him about, but i’m not sure we’ll be able to conclude that conversation. I used to write the blogs and make him read for me. He may not the be greatest reader but i loved his reading 🙂 … Honestly, I really though of turning myself in to a gay for a night and nail him down, because of the way he used to curve his ass up while sleeping :)… But I’m still virgin and he is not. I’m not the reason for that, I know 😛

Amir disappointed me  during the days of Diwali stall. He was not able to take the pressure and he just could not keep the balance of pressure and friendship, but I let that go too, and i preserved the bond.  As a whole Amir and his brothers are good at heart and I knew that from day one, that is what kept me intact with them. But one thing that he did, i will never forget him. He stole my jacket and ran away. My only jacket. 😦 Kashif on the other hand forgot a bag full of Shirts, so that comes in to my share of inheritance. 🙂

I had this feeling that  when he’ll leave the country  I’m gonna miss him and the events that happened between us, and this is how it was done. I was too drunk to see them off to the airport and I just could not help myself on my feel and walk. I really missed that. And that morning when I woke up, the room was a messy shit,  and i was alone not just in the room, but in the entire apartment. No body asked me to prepare the breakfast, or fought with me over washing the last night’s dishes. But I guess I’m just going be fine.

Aamir is never going to comeback to KL and Kashif is going to think over it after he gets married in the Feb next year. If you ask me I would say he won’t be coming too. I don’t know how long i’m gonna stay in here and where I’m gonna head back after the completion of my studies. But, life goes on. I have other people moved into my house and they appeared to be a good company. Overall, What we had ain’t gonna comeback but it was worth spending each moment with them.


Awais Rehman

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