Project Runaway

I really don’t believe so much in the idea of starting over the life over and over again. It’s not like a video game where you have multiple lives and you can still get a few more. Reality is much more complicated than that. A hit `n miss. It’s so simple to understand this; that any moment once passed, any word once said, can’t be taken back. Never ever.
Religiously, it’s in your fate. A worldwide Muslim belief is that once a person is born, his fate is written. So what are we fighting for? Why do we say that life is about taking chances? Applying a job is taking a chance? Crossing the road is taking chance? If chances are so important then there shouldn’t be second chances. But there always are. Every breath you take is a second chance. So on one hand we believe that everything that happens to us is pre-destined and on the other hand we try to make life out of our own. Generally, it’s worth doing it. Because this is what we are taught from the day one that try and try you’ll get success. But the truth is trying is running hard was in our fate so we do.
There are people in this world who are born rich. They have a godfather from day one till the end, and they don’t have to try and push hard. Its in their destiny. So we are, actually, a part of cycle or a tradition. Where we have to go to school, college and then find a job, fall in love, get married, have kids and die. On the other hand its all an Illusion. We know it but we keep pretending certain avatars in our lives. Eventually when we fail to deliver, we tell ourselves that It was destiny. Too late to realize.
Socially, This is what you earn outta life. Schools, colleges, interviews, rush, jobs, yelling bosses, colleagues, friends etc. No body can sit and wait for happen what has to happen according to the destiny. So it’s really important that there should be a little in drama in life. This is what keeps it interesting.
To understand life, it’s really important to have such experiences like backstabbing friends, breakups, patch ups, getting dumped, being proud. This is how a person actually understands him/herself and people around.
There are things that are perfectly good, which harm no one, are the reason for happiness for many. But yet they end. The places you’ve been and you move away even if you don’t want to, leaves lot of beautiful things and memories back there. A thing of joy, a person would want to keep it with him forever, but this isn’t the case. We can only understand the value of joy when we know disappointments better than joys. At the same time world is full of mean people. People who are self centered, selfish. But you gotta deal with them once in a while. It sucks but this is the way it is. But every new day brings surprises, so you never know…!

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