One More Traffic Light…

There are moments in life when we question our actions and soon after the moments are gone we indulge ourselves with arguments about this should’ve been done that way and so on. The truth is, in such moments our impulse overcomes our heart and mind. We can’t help it. If all the perfect things could be done in one moment then, I believe, people would lose the faith in things like mistakes, second chances, promises, hopes and fears.

On one fine evening me and my friend went to Kota Damansara which is a part of the huge Kuala Lampur city where mostly the elite class lives. We went to see my uncle and on the way my friend told me that one of his mysterious friend lives there too. So I persuaded him to see her and scheduled to meet my uncle later in the evening. At the IKEA square in a Swedish café, we met her. I really appreciated her approach there because taking little time to meet a stranger when you have a lot on your plate is not ordinary. She wanted to come and I could see it in her text messages that she sent while on her way to café. “One more traffic light” was one of them.

Wearing a white gym suite, a nice young lady in her late twenties joined us in the far corner of the café. On an occasion she told me that she was looking for inspiration and motivation or may be an omen that could redirect her life. She loves painting and I wonder if she existed in the era of Leonardo Da Vinci, her portraits would’ve given good competition to Mona Lisa. Looking for inspiration she was but I wish someone ever could tell her that with her beauty and wits, with her wisdom and kindness, with her love and words not only she could inspire the world but could change the lives  of deserted and hopeless dramatically. I went on talking and asking questions to her about her life and I guess I was inspired. She told me few facts about Chinese New Year while the coffee went on and soon as coffee was over she took off. We escorted her to the elevators to the basement parking and went to meet the next target.

I would never believe that she was forty four year old lady and a mother of twins when my friend briefed me later on. I feel uncomfortable while quoting her lady, she was like a young university-going student who has world to explore in the future. At the IKEA square, in a Swedish café, we met her.

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