Do you recall once you had said "Stay with me like December because it always makes an impact over hearts snow as well as in sunshine. If my love annoys you get parted”. Since then, waiting for the mornings turn into evenings and evenings into nights, have made voyage towards December slumberous. Monsoons of December ,you always used to talk about, have made me impatient. I wonder why every story of my life revolves around you and at the same time i feel helpless while making decisions. As if without you my life is unable to get any conclusion.

As the December came this time it provoked endless desires in my heart to visualize you all around me. How can i forget that snowy evening when you touch your trembling hand with mine and introduced me with entirely new soul. Though you are mine now, but these endless journeys, long distances, your thoughts and living among the desires seems hard enough. Why did you introduced me to such desires which are limited to December only? Don’t grab me in words, and let me thoughts float freely; that my every thought, by any means, dissolve at yours.

Listen, I’ll stay with you like December. I promise. But, my beloved, you’ll have to come and give order to my heartbeat and collapse my distracted and nervous thoughts. Sometimes when i miss you in the nights full of stars, my prayers become stronger and with your love in my heart i lit a candle as the symbol of our love. But these rains and snowy December never let our candle of love stay on. Left with nothing else, then, i begin to find you sometimes in the glaciers of ice and sometimes in cool winds of December but i always came back empty-handed.

I don’t say that days and nights can not be spent without you, but with you life seems to be meaningful. This December, without you, will pass away sobbing and perhaps i give up my breaths along with fading December. Without you this December feels as if hundreds of demons are trying to tear my body apart. Deep inside my heart i know that December will pass away and your memories will melt with the snow in the burning rays of sun…

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